This research cluster was part of The Seed Box first phase 2015 - 2019.

The overarching research problems within the theme can be summarized as follows:

  • It focuses on long-term cause and effect and how deep time mattering (natural and cultural) shapes a variety of relational processes.
  • It explores new materialism and issues of inter-gendering.
  • It deals with the effects and dissonances around natural/cultural heritage matters and how these resources could be dealt with elsewise.
  • It explores alternative ways of thinking and acting around issues of inter- and intragenerational justice and care, and by exploring how issues captured in the term and practice of ‘conservation’ can be revitalized and changed (to meet the challenge of living in the Anthropocene).
  • It investigates how (natural/cultural) heritage resources can be imagined, configured, and enacted in other ways to work for more sustainable futures. These research problems are addressed within the frameworks of several research projects collected under the concept of “Deep Time”, such as “Developing an Ecocritical Paleoecology”, “Living in the Current”, “The Archive of Nuclear Harm”, and “Deep Time Heritages and Future”.

Scientific Leader: Christina Fredengren, Stockholm University





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