Environmental Humanities: Modes of Thinking and Being Ecological

On October 2 – 4, 2019 The Seed Box organizes its concluding conference, and we very much hope to see you there! The conference is an opportunity to gather the heterogeneous and widespread network that very much has constituted the Seed Box program since it started in 2015.

Importantly, the conference will also be an opportunity to investigate what can be learnt for the future in the continued exploration and development of Environmental Humanities – scholarly, artistically, politically and organizationally.

In addition to key note addresses and panel discussions, a significant part of the conference will be organized around sessions with Seed Box Postdocs, Seed Box PhD Students, Seed Money projects, and Seed Box affiliates. To these sessions we would like to invite presentations within the following general framework:

  • Seed Money projects – presenters offer an account of their Seed Money projects (central questions, methodologies, theoretical challenges etcetera) and how they connect to the Seed Box program and its orientation, and provide reflections on their experiences of Seed Money as a funding instrument, by discussing e.g. if Seed Money has a role in Environmental Humanities, how a successor of Seed Money could be shaped, and what types of funding instruments would be especially urgent for Environmental Humanities.
  • Seed Box Postdocs and PhD students – presenters offer an account of their Seed Box projects and how they connect to the Seed Box program and its orientation, and provide their reflections on research training, as well as postdoc mentoring in Environmental Humanities. What is particularly important to consider when working towards advancing the next generation of researchers and research leaders in Environmental Humanities?
  • Seed Box affiliates – presenters offer an account of an Environmental Humanities project they are, or have been, working on, and provide reflections on the role of Environmental Humanities networking beyond funding structures. Within the Seed Box, we have barely begun exploring these possibilities, and presenters are especially encouraged to discuss how mutually beneficial ways of establishing, maintaining and developing financially neutral connections and collaborations can be organized in the future.

To let us know that you are interested in contributing to the session program of the conference, please submit a short (10 lines) proposals before 31 May 2019, to theseedbox@liu.se