Environmental activists have been important agents of change in environmental politics since the 1960s, often pointing to the links between environmental and social issues and calls for justice.

Many of the more recent movements use methods that differ from traditional organizations, often involving art, visual material broadcasted online, and other creative forms of communication. This project explores both traditional environmental movements and new forms of climate activism in a Swedish and European context, especially looking at embodied practices and actions. It also asks questions about knowledge claims related to the environment, mobilizing an intersectional approach to environmental matters.

Participant: Anna Kaijser, Postdoctoral research fellow, The Seed Box/Department of Thematic Studies: Environmental Change, Linköping University, Sweden.

Kaijser, A. & Larsson Heidenblad, D. (2017) Young activists in muddy boots: Fältbiologerna and the ecological turn in Sweden, 1959–1974. Scandinavian Journal of History, published online 2017-10-05
Henriksson, M. & Kaijser A. (2017) Att ställa andra frågor: Intersektionalitet och feministiskt politisk ekologi. (English: Asking other questions: Intersectionality and feminist political ecology.) In Jönsson, E. and E. Andersson (Eds.) Politisk Ekologi: Om Makt och Miljöer. Studentlitteratur.
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Other activities:
Two walkshops in the autumns of 2016 and 2017, gathering researchers, artists and activists.