With a base in critical feminist posthumanism this project problematizes the anthropocentric focus in many heritage policies and strategies and probes into the technocratic politicization of the long-term.

The project explores and intervenes in material and temporal trajectories and agencies in emerging museum ecologies. Curating Time will organize a series of citizen humanities events focused on the challenging temporalities of the Anthropocene. The first event reflects on the human relationship to geological/archaeological/ climatological time scales. The second event deals with inter- and intergenerational ethics. The third event deals with sacrifices and the mourning of loss of life and places along the way, but also celebrates and works around hope and affirmation focusing on the potentialities still in place at wounded landscapes. Furthermore, the project will create an online exhibition on counterclocks, and queer temporalities based on input from the citizen humanities events and fieldwork as well as an engagement with environmental humanities literature on these matters.

Research Leader: Christina Fredengren