mirko nikolić, PhD in Arts & Media Practice, University of Westminster, London, visits The Seed Box i Linköping i February 2019. Through situated performances and critical writing, mirko nikolić seeks to prefigure more just collaborations among different species and heterogeneous bodies.

In recent projects – hybrids of creative and research practice – mirko has been working on counter-extractivist polytics, multispecies commoning, vegetal performativity, and unlearning of anthropocentric and capitalist survival ideologies.

Project Description:

How like a rock: sketches for intersectional class (intra-)action of earth others is an inquiry into class formations emerging in the current anti-extractivist practices in Fennoscandia. For several last decades, the countries of the European North, as part of a broader global rush for resources in the Arctic, partake in an intense wave of metallogenic mineral exploration and mine development. The project proposes that assemblages of bodies and forces who seek to resist and create alternatives to neo-extractivism can be theorised through a reconfiguration of class action, now in a more-than-human/ multispecies field of reproductive labour. This endeavour is pursued via an ecoqueerfeminist materialist analytics of legal and technical literature about the industry, and in shared conversation with activist and cultural struggles concerned with the earth bodies, carriers of minerals considered of economic value.

The project extends previous and ongoing practico-theoretical inquires: we heart copper & copper hearts us (2015 – ) which traces and reconfigures circuits of desire that involve the ‘red metal’, and pluriversal radio (2018 – ) which focuses on collective practices of listening and voicing as modes of multispecies organising along the frontiers of extraction.

mirko was born 1984 in Belgrade, Serbia and currently lives between Helsinki and Stockholm and works in London, UK.