During October PhD Candidate Beatrice del Monte will visit The Seedbox at Linköping University and be a part of The Green Room seminar series. Beatrice Del Monte is PhD Candidate in sociology and methodology of social research at the State University of Milan and at the University of Turin.

Beatrice Del Monte

Beatrice Del Monte

Beatrice studied and did research in Rome, Modena, Milan, Paris, India and Madagascar. She has been working as a research fellow for the international organization “The Indigenous Partnership for Agrobiodiversity and Food Sovereignty”. Her master thesis entitled “Interactions with the environment in the rural municipality of Sakalalina (Madagascar): international cooperation and gender issues” has been awarded of the René Cassin Award 2014.

Beatrice Del Monte is particularly interested in environmental issues, human-non-human living beings interactions and new environmental social movements. She is currently working on the role of self-managed urban gardening initiatives in Rome.

Do not miss Beatrices seminar “Reframing public spaces through collective action: urban gardening in Rome” on Tuesday the 9th of October at 13:00 in Faros, Temahuset, Campus Valla, Linköping University.