Caroline Owman defends her thesis on the 24 September. The public disputation will be available via Zoom (se the link further down).

Caroline Owman defends her thesis The More-Than-Human Museum: The conservator’s practice as a line of flight in the museum of modernity on 24 September. Her research is part of the Seed Box project Curating Time and supervised by Christina Fredengren.

This thesis takes the conservator as a starting point to explore more-than-human aspects of the museum of modernity. Assuming that built-in obstacles impinge when museums today deal with environmental issues‚ it investigates new and alternative perspectives on the engagement with our immediate surroundings, in this case the museum objects.

The objective of this study is to map museum processes hidden in the anthropocentric museum of modernity. The aim is to broaden the perspective on the museum to include what the museum structures of modernity have pushed aside: ongoing processes and becomings, and the myriad of energetic more-than-human agencies and temporalities constantly at work in a museum.

The public disputation will be available on Zoom at 10.00 AM (GMT+2) on 24 september.