This research cluster was part of The Seed Box first phase 2015 - 2019.

Water is a pressing question for the Anthropocene. Ocean acidification, rising sea levels, erratic drought alongside dramatic flooding, plastic contamination, and large-scale hydroengineering all underscore the ways in which water – necessary for all planetary life is under constant assault from anthropogenic sources. In this thematic cluster, we seek greater understanding not only of these  problems, but of the human values, worldviews and imaginaries that led to them in the first place. Our research also aims to highlight the ways in which intersectional human social justice issues related to gender, coloniality, racism, classism, and speciesism are entangled in questions of water health, abundance and access. Our thematic cluster is particularly invested with feminist and anticolonial perspectives, and has produced world-leading and pathbreaking research on this score.

Scientific Leader: Astrida Neimanis, University of Sydney



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