The decision is now made about the recipients of this year’s seed funding from The Seed Box program.

The call for seed funding from the Seed Box Program in the spring of 2017 attracted a lot of attention from an international community of scholars and artists in the environmental humanities. Now the decision is made about this year’s recipients. The following projects have been awarded in 2017. Congratulations!

  • Anna Bohlin, with Staffan Appelgren, Margareta Persson and Lena Stammarnäs: ”Living (with) things: Consuming, collecting and caring”, 400 000 SEK
  • Jørgen Bruhn, with Ida Bencke: ”Multispecies Storytelling in Intermedial Practices”, 280 000 SEK
  • Carl Johan Erikson, with Karin Willén: ”The final repository: a macroscopic exploration”, 380 000 SEK
  • Lissa Holloway-Attaway, ”Enacting Baltic Ecosystems: Supporting Critical Digital Imaginaries and Interventions with the Baltic Sea and its Environment(s)”, 355 000 SEK
  • Christian Isendahl, with Stephan Barthel and Axel Drescher: ”The Resilience of Cuban Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture over the Longue Durée (CUPAL)”, 355 000 SEK
  • Bengt G. Karlsson, ”Assam Tea, Kenya: The Travel of Seeds, Clones and Science Between India and Kenya”, 365 000 SEK
  • Fiona Miller, with Emily Potter and Eva Lövbrand, ”The Shadow Places Network: collaboration to re-imagine and co-produce connections for justice in an era of climate change”, 455 000 SEK
  • Åsa Sonjasdotter, with Hans Larsson: ”A Muddy Place for Art”, 315 000 SEK
  • Arjen Wals, with Natalia Eernstman, ”Collective Artists Residencies – Unearthing situated knowledges through imaginative disruption”, 400 000 SEK
  • Cecilia Åsberg, with Hayden Lorimer and Astrida Neimanis: ”Storying Exposures: Experimental Workshops in Environmental Humanities Writing”, 140 000 SEK
  • May-Britt Öhman with Petri Storlöpare and Tor Lundberg, ”Forest Sámi Past, Present and Futures”, 555 000 SEK