Project Participant(s): Johan Hedrén, Jonas Anshelm, Karin Bradley, Lucy Sargisson, Anna Kaijser, Jonathan Metzger, Rolf Lidskog, Ylva Uggla, Katherine Gibson and Eva Lövbrand.

It has been often taken for granted that many key arguments in the critique of traditional political ideologies and contemporary socioeconomic organization have merged into something that could be adequately called the “green” ideology. This project proposes that the field of environmentally related thought is better understood as a diverse pattern of controversies. Dimensions of conflict –such as those related to growth, the appropriate level of consumption, ethical and economic relations between the global South and the global North, the responsibility for non-humans, the responsibility for future generations, and strategies for climate change mitigation—are strong and complex. To what extent is there hegemony in the field of sustainable development, green issues and environmental concern in Sweden and what are its basic features? Which issues make up the conflict pattern in the field and what are the basic conflict dimensions and positions taken? To the extent that there are alternative and competing ideologies, what do they look like?