The Shit Project held an art walk along the Sigtuna River at Gnesta Konstrunda on September 4.

– A big thank you to artists and researchers involved in the The Shit Project – one of the projects tied to The Seed Box collaboratory. Such a pleasure to experience it, says Katja Aglert, artistic leader and co-director of Seed Box.

The Shit Project is a collaboration between seven artists from Fungus Kingdom studios in Gnesta and four researchers from Uppsala University who work with research on sewage, treatment plants and food waste in the project “Waste Values”. Read more at

Artists and researchers in this project: Patrick Dallard, Lisa Jeannin, Tomas Björkdal, Johanna Törnqvist, Rolf Schuurmans, David Carmel och Julia Adzuki, Björn Wallsten, Malin Ideland, Tora Holmberg, Sebastian Abrahamsson.