Sue Reid

Sue’s work engages the intersections of extractivism, ecological subjectivity, and material vulnerability. Her research develops a concept of ocean justice that intervenes in dominant imaginaries and governance frameworks controlling human relations with the ocean. It does so with conceptual innovations such as sea-truthing, prosthetic provisioning, material predation and multi-being justice.

As well as supporting the wider profiling of the Phase II program, Sue’s contributions to the Seed Box will include:

  • Article: Ocean Justice: Reckoning with Material Vulnerability, Cultural Politics, Special Issue: Multispecies Justice, Under review.
  • Book Chapter: Abyssal Justice: The Statutory Predations of Deep Seabed Mining. In Braverman, I. (Ed) Laws of the Seas (working title), Routledge. In development.
  • Blog mini-series: Ocean Justice

Image by Sue Reid based on a zoom still taken by Jennifer Hamilton.