Nikiwe Solomon

Nikiwe Solomon is an environmental anthropologist working at the interface of science, technology, politics and urban river and water management. Her dissertation research ‘The Kuils Multiple: An ethnography of an urban river in Cape Town’  explores the entanglement of the Kuils River with social, technical and political worlds in the context of urban planning in a time of climate change. Nikiwe has experience in consultancy and academic work, particularly focused on Green and alternative economies and water socio-techno-political worlds. She has experience in the training of green and social small to medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as teaching courses on society, democracy, science, economics and politics in the Environmental humanities at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. She is also co-editor of an upcoming book with Prof Lesley Green and Associate Prof Virginia MacKenny with the preliminary title “Resistance is fertile: On being Sons and Daughters of the Soil”.

For the Seed Box, she serves as a fellow in Feminist and Anticolonial Approaches to Environmental Humanities and Justice in the Global South with research focusing on flows – of currents (water and capital), toxics and cement.