Anna Kaijser

Anna Kaijser was previously a postdoctoral fellow within the Seed Box, and she now works as a researcher at the Department of Thematic Studies: Environmental Change, Linköping University. Anna has a background in Social Anthropology and Gender Studies, and got her PhD in Sustainability Science from Lund University in 2014. In her PhD thesis Who is Marching for Pachamama? An Intersectional Analysis of Environmental Struggles in Bolivia under the Government of Evo Morales Anna explored environmental politics and movements in contemporary Bolivia, engaging feminist and postcolonial perspectives.

In her recent work, Anna has continued to study environmental activism, though in a Swedish and European context. Her latest article Young activists in muddy boots: Fältbiologerna and the ecological turn in Sweden, 1959-1974, co-authored with David Larsson Heidenblad, tells the story of how a youth environmental organisation became increasingly politically radical during the 1960s. Other research projects concern climate justice mobilizations between activism and art; popular resistance to mining; how leadership is performed and perceived in climate politics; and the roles of ecopreneurs and social entrepreneurs in articulating and driving transformations towards a circular economy.

In parallel to this research, Anna continues to elaborate feminist and intersectional thinking on climate change. She is frequently engaged to give public lectures on this topic. Furthermore, she is exploring walking as a method, and has organized ‘walkshops’ with students, researchers and artists.

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