AM Kanngieser

I am a geographer and sound artist, working with listening to think more closely with/in the entanglements of people, time and ecologies. Over the past decade I have been focused on experimenting with sonic methods and practices (including field recordings, radio building and training, sonic ethnographies, oral testimonies, songs, sonifications, composition, sound walks) for environmental-geographical research. These methods and their application have been developed through sound events with The Natural History Museum London, Live Art Development Agency, Sound and Music and 2 Degrees Festival/Arts Admin and been variously outlined in papers for interdisciplinary journals including South Atlantic QuarterlyWIRES Climate ChangeProgress in Human Geography and Environment and Planning D amongst others.

Since 2015 I have focused specifically on a Pacific context through Climates of Listening, an ongoing project that amplifies movements for self-determination in relation to continuing colonisation through resource extraction, environmental racism and ecological disaster. Working with mainly LGBTQ people and women, I have sought to emphasise the nuanced and variegated ways that communities and people understand, produce knowledge about, and collectively attend to their lived experiences of ecocide. This has included running podcast production workshops with grassroots groups in Fiji and the Marshall Islands for which an Introduction to Podcasting manual was complied with the Fijian audio producers Mere Nailatikau and Krystelle Lavaki-Danford from The Two Fishes show.

Alongside traditional publications I have concentrated on producing collaborative audio compositions and prose works for radio and installation to disseminate material more accessibly to national and international audiences. This has required me to place an increasing emphasis on making my work more broadly resonant, including for festivals such as Sonic Acts, Unsound, Transmediale, With For About 2020 and Liquid Architecture. This work has been featured on, and commissioned by Documenta 14 Radio, BBC 3, ABC Radio National, Arts Centre Melbourne, Radio del Museo Reina Sofía, Savvy Gallery Berlin, Warsaw Museum of Contemporary Art, Deutschland Radio,  and QAGOMA, and will be unfolded through a forthcoming monograph Between Sound and Silence: Listening toward Environmental Justice (forthcoming). Interviews on this work can be found in Wire Magazine: Adventures in Sound and Music, Mediapart and Radio Web MACBA.