Thursday 18th March 2021, CSPR and The Seed Box invites you all to "Participatory Video for Transformative Climate and Sustainability Research", the first of three in a themed series of CSPR seminars this spring focussing on interactive and participatory methods.

We are grateful to be joined by some CSPR researchers Therese Asplund and Emelie Fälton and we are glad to welcome guest, Sophie Gudman Knutsson from the department of Media and Information Design. We will use a format of a two-way interview between Sophie and Stephen Woroniecki, both of whom have been using video in different forms in our work on sustainability. Then we will invite Emelie to draw on her experience with visual methods to comment as a discussant.

Some useful background information on Participatory Video can be found at

Zoom details

Thursday 18th March 2021, 13:00 – 13:45 (CET)

Meeting ID: 676 8856 8936, Passcode: 597565

  • Welcome – Therese Asplund
  • Intro presentations – Sophie Gudman Knutsson and Stephen Woroniecki, followed by the two way interview
  • Discussion and and reflections – Emelie Fälton, followed by audience Q&A

About the speakers

Sophie Gudmann Knutsson is a Ph.D. student and a Junior Lecturer at Media and Information Design, with a focus on filmmaking and storytelling. She is researching the conversations around climate change, and how narratives potentially impact our attitudes and behaviours. Her projects aim to use visualization to explain the complexity behind socio-ecological systems, and research where the use of storytelling could potentially change the contemporary narrative to motivate certain behaviours.

Emelie Fälton is a Ph.D. candidate at Tema Environmental Change who engages in scrutinizing how the non-human world (often depicted as nature) in Swedish national parks comes into being through the practice of tourism and its visual embodiments. A significant part of Emelie’s work is inspired by the research field of visual culture, which pays interest in how the visual is part of social life and vice versa. In the work with her dissertation, she has developed a discourse analysis of reflexive and explorative character with focus on the visual.

Stephen Woroniecki is a post-doc at Tema-M, in the project ’Ontological Security in a Transforming World’. Together with partners in Fiji and New Zealand we draw on phenomenological and participatory sense-making analysis, such as Talanoa and – pandemic allowing – participatory video (tbc), to understand Pacific islanders’ experiences of the unintended transformations induced by climate change. Stephen has worked with participatory art, video and rural appraisal, in teaching, research and activism.