The project “Our story” in collaboration with the project "Världen behöver en ny berättelse/The world needs a new story" organized a workshop for preschool teachers about storytelling with global goals.

The evening took place digitally and included conversations about, and glimpses from, the performance “Esmeralda och Draken/Esmeralda and the Dragon” with Annika Lykta, Långsjö Teater.

Annika Lykta, Långsjö teater

– I have recorded an interactive performance about the global sustainability goals. Esmeralda and the dragon Sebastian come from an island called Terra. There, they are fighting to achieve 17 goals, the same goals as the UN’s global sustainability goals. This time it was a special performance for educators and principals via Zoom. I will later this spring play for 5-year-olds at the various preschools that are involved in the project. We will also create a children’s book: “Esmeralda and the Dragon – The Story of the Twin City” within the project, says Annika Lykta.

Annika Lykta, Långsjö teater

– During the month of April, we aim to give the performance “Esmeralda and the Dragon” to all children born in 2015 at the preschools Hasselgården, Lindgården, Sörgården in Skärblacka, Vånga in Vånga, Tallbacken, Riddarbacken in Kimstad and Solbacken in Norsholm, says Therese Asplund, research leader of “Our story”.