21 October, 13.45-15.15


The Green Room

One Table Two Elephants
On Visual Ethnography and Urban Ecology

Henrik Ernstson & Jacob von Heland (KTH)

Join us for a conversation with Henrik Ernstson and Jacob von Heland on postcolonial ecologies and Southern urbanism. Taking their film One Table Two Elephants (2018) as a starting-point, we explore the knowledge politics of a postcolonial city, as well as the potentials of cinematic ethnography as a methodological toolset for critical environmental research. The film was shot in Cape Town in 2018 and investigates how different ways of knowing – across a range of groups – contribute to the often fraught efforts of crafting symbols of unity and cohesion.

1. Two modes of conservation
(End at 12:10)

2. Apartheid and the language of conservation
(End at 38:22)

3. Colored nature
(End at 18:23)

4. Inscriptions of colonialism in nature and culture
(End at 24:10)

(End at 57:31)