6 December, 13:00 - 14:30 (Central European Winter Time)


The future will always need room to take place. We are interested in the community space and its possibilities to contain new needs and interests for its inhabitants to be part of the change towards more socially and ecologically sustainable ways of consuming goods and services.

We, Veronica Hejdelind and Dan Hallemar, are in the midst of working with our project “Gemensamhetslokalen” – a community space with a future in the sharing economy? If you have the time and possibility to participate in a seminar focusing on community spaces in neighbourhoods – its history, present and future we would be truly grateful.

We’d like to share our findings from four field study visits to gemensamhetslokaler from four different decades; 1940/50s Rosta in Örebro, 1960/70s in Husby, Stockholm, 1980s Lambohov, Linköping and 2010/20s in Valla staden Linköping and discuss the possible future of theses spaces as places for the sharing economy.

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