This is the first event in the Seed Box consortium-based coordinated events program. ERG is organized from Queens University, as a collaboration between the Seed Box, Queen’s University School of Environmental Studies, Canada’s Waste Flows, Raven, and the Office of Indigenous Initiatives.

  • We will have 13 Asynchronous Exhibits put together by groups of dedicated artists/activists and theorists from around the world.
  • There will be a series of 1-5 minute short pre-recorded talks and videos on released the Environmental Racism is Garbage YouTube Channel leading up to the symposium.
  • Excited to announce that  Laakkuluk Willamson-Bathory (Greenland Inuit performance artist, spoken word poet, actor, storyteller and writer) has agreed to give a keynote address/performance  (More information about Laakkuluk here).
  • 4 panels will be offered in real-time and will involve a round table discussion of the issues with 3-4 panellists speaking 5-10 minutes each followed by a question period (about an hour total – honorarium provided).
  1. Ecological grief is the (natural) response of “grief, pain, sadness, or suffering” that people feel due to the collective or individual loss or anticipated loss of beloved ecosystems, landscapes, seascapes, species, and places, particularly for people who retain close living, working and cultural relationships to the natural environment (Consolo and Ellis 2018).
  2. Waste on the move: externalizing hazards – invisible communities
  3. People as waste– the treatment of marginalized communities, reinforcing inequality (access to food, water, shelter, safety)
  4. Closing artist’s panel:The role of the artist in activism and disruption

We anticipate there will be more ways for people to engage in the symposium and we are seeking out ways to create interactive, social spaces as part of this symposium.

Please let us know if you would like to participate in a panel discussion (and which one you are interested in) or if you have any other comments or questions.