23 November, 15:15

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Border Securitisation and Critical Raw Materials: Interrogating Europe’s extractive gaze

Welcome to an open seminar and workshop with Audrey Samson, Dr., Lecturer, Goldsmiths, University of London.

Open seminar with a following workshop, TP54, REMESO Norrköping, Sweden, 15:15.

Audrey Samson will introduce EURO⁠—VISION, an art-led enquiry which examines the many entangled modes of extraction that Europe enacts on “third countries” with its Critical Raw Materials Initiative. The initiative brings into focus the covalence among international relations, trade, economic policy and border security.

Audrey Samson heads the Digital Arts Computing programme and is a Lecturer in the Art Department at Goldsmiths, University of London, and an artist in the duo FRAUD. She is a researcher in residence at Linköping University (REMESO and Tema/Seedbox) during November 2021.

In preparation for the seminar, please visit:

Workshop: (17-18:00) TP54, REMESO Norrköping, Sweden.

During her stay, Audrey aims to develop the ‘Recommendations’ section of the EURO⁠—VISION platform, considering the tensions between their constructive nature and their instrumentalisation in maintaining the status quo. She will also expand upon the glossary section, and is actively looking to discuss possible co-development of entries to the glossary. If you are interested, please contact her:

For information, contact professor Stefan Jonsson (