On January 31, Seed Box-funded PhD student Åsa Callmer defends her essay “Making sense of sufficiency – Entries, practices and politics“.

The defense will be held on Friday, January 31 in Kollegiesalen, the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm at 10.00.

Seed Box PhD Student Åsa Callmer will defend her thesis “Making sense of sufficiency – Entries, practices and politics” on 31 January, at 10:00

Faculty opponent: Marlyne Sahakian, Assistant Professor, University of Geneva

Grading committee: Karin M Ekström, Professor, University of Borås, Magnus Boström, Professor, Örebro University, Marco Armiero, Associate Professor, KTH

Chairperson: Karolina Isaksson, Adjunct Professor, KTH

Main supervisor: Jonathan Metzger, Professor, KTH

Co-supervisor: Karin Bradley, Associate Professor, KTH