Crisis, Dying, Apocalypse. Subjectivity, Progress and Ecology in the light of the Anthropocene. Online Symposium at the Department of Culture and Aestetics, Stockholm University, August 26–27, 2021.

This digital symposium is presented in cooperation between Stockholm University, Mid Sweden University and Linköping University, within the Seed Box Project, a transdisciplinary program in Environmental Humanities.

Thursday, August 26

09.00       Welcome, audio set up, etc.
09.15–10.00       Jacob Lund, Aarhus University The End of Futurity as We Knew It
10.00–10.45       Marietta Radomska, Linköping University Mourning the more-than-human: From crisis imaginaries to queer/ing eco-arts
11.00–11.45        Alexander García Düttman, UdK Berlin Apocalypse and Disappointment
11.45–12.30        Erik van Ooijen, Mälardalen University Visions of Future Mutant Archeology


13.30–14.15        Carin Franzén, Stockholm University A Deathloop: Reading Decameron with Freud and Morton
14.15–15.00        Mårten Björk, Oxford University A World With Many Ends: Eschatology and Perspectivism
15.15–16.00        Vicky Angelaki, Mid-Sweden University Corroded Landscapes, Eroded Communities
16.00–16.45        Dave Boothroyd, Lincoln University Futural Dispatches on responsibility for the Earth, or, What on Earth is Responsibility?

Friday, August 27

09.15–10.00        Jenny Jarlsdotter Wikström, Umeå University Ghost kids: Loss, mourning and the void in Aase Berg’s death poetics
10.00–10.45        Anders E Johansson, Mid-Sweden University small revelations … maybe not even with an apocalyptic tone
11.00–11.45        Jesper Olsson, Linköping University Plant Life and Posthuman Endgames: Re-Reading Beckett
11.45–12.30        Sven Anders Johansson, Mid-Sweden University The Pandemic, the Climate and The Death of Virgil

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